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About Us

From Humble Beginnings To Business Success.

The journey of Hii Education Group (HE Group) began back in 2006 when GEN Education Malaysia was first established as a tertiary education counselling centre in Kuala Lumpur. Over the years, HE Group has thrived from humble beginnings to become one of Malaysia’s fastest growing education specialists with businesses spanning education and trainings, media and publications, student placement, regional offices and other sub-sectors across Asia.

Reflecting the broader interests of the Founder, Dato’ Joseph Hii, many of the group’s subsidiary companies maintain a focus on education excellence. Our commitment and passion for quality education has been the trademark of HE Group for decades. This unshakeable belief in our mission is the reason why we have achieved success and stayed true to our values in the face of many challenges.

As the investment holding company of its subsidiaries, HE Group value and support the growth and expansion of its subsidiaries, namely:

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